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    Film processing is a crucial step in the workflow of film photography that transforms exposed film into tangible images. This process involves developing the latent image captured on the film and preparing it for printing or digital scanning. Here's an overview of film processing, highlighting the steps involved and the importance of each stage. Film processing whether it is colour or black & white, it is a click away to start process at 21studio Photolab.  Choose your desired service from our range of processing options and then place order.  Your film should be dropped at,  21STUDIO PHOTOLAB (FUJIFILM) 21 Whitechapel Road London, E1 1DU Do not forget to include your order number with your film to avoid any delay.  The Cut-off/Drop-off time for In-Store Same day development is 2 PM and for Express/1 hour development is 5 PM.  Once your order is placed and we received your film, we will start processing immediately.  If you are in urgency, 21STUDIO PHOTOLAB is here to help you. Please contact us before placing order to find the best possible delivery option suits for you. We might charge some extra amount for other postal options.  If you want your negative get back, kindly select the option when placing order. We will keep your Negative for 4weeks.  We have in store and click and collect options for you. Please go to our in store service, if you want to collect it from 21Studio Photolab Aldgate East . What size are your scans? SMALL Resolution JPEG  1545X1024 pixels Approximately 1.3mbPrintable up to 6 x 4 Reference scans, ideal for instagram or simply seeing what is on your roll of film Standard Resolution JPEG  3130X2075 PIXELS Approx 5Mb , best for social media Prints can go up to A4 Premium Resolution JPEG  6774X4492 pixels approx 20Mb, Great for archiving cropping&printing larger print sizes over A4 Premium TIFF (8bit) 6774x4492 pixels approx 80Mb For Editing the file will have more latitude for editing and colour grading .  Premium TIFF (16bit) 6774x4492 pixels approx 180Mb For Editing the file will have more latitude for editing and colour grading ,Even larger files to work with. 180mb , Best for critical work. 16bit per colour channel. What size are your scans FOR 120 FILM? 6X4.5 STANDARD RESOLUTION JPEG 2416X2830 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 5MB 6X4.5 PREMIUM RESOLUTION JPEG 4824X3533 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 18MB 6X4.5 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 8BIT 4824X3533 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 50MB 6X4.5 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 16BIT 4825X3533 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 100MB   6X6 STANDARD RESOLUTION JPEG 2416X2830 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 7MB 6X6 PREMIUM RESOLUTION JPEG 4832X4760 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 25MB 6X6 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 8BIT 4832X4760 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 70MB 6X6 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 16BIT 4832X4760 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 140MB   6X7 STANDARD RESOLUTION JPEG 2951X2407 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 7MB 6X7 PREMIUM RESOLUTION JPEG 5902X4815 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 20MB 6X7 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 8BIT 5902X4815 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 85MB 6X7 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 16BIT 5902X4815 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 170MB   6X9 STANDARD RESOLUTION JPEG 3569X2451 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 8MB 6X9 PREMIUM RESOLUTION JPEG 7139X4903 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 32MB 6X9 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 8BIT 7139X4903 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 100MB 6X9 PREMIUM RESOLUTION TIFF 16BIT 7139X4903 PIXELS APPROXIMATELY 200MB  

    4984 auf Lager

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Film Processing - 21STUDIO PHOTOLAB


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