What size are your scans?

SMALL Resolution JPEG  1545X1024 pixels Approximately 1.3mb
Printable up to 6 x 4 Reference scans, ideal for instagram or simply seeing what is on your roll of film

Standard Resolution JPEG  3130X2075 PIXELS Approx 5Mb , best for social media Prints can go up to A4

Premium Resolution JPEG  6774X4492 pixels approx 20Mb, Great for archiving cropping&printing larger print sizes over A4

Premium  Resolution TIFF (8bit) 6774x4492 pixels approx 80Mb For Editing the file will have more latitude for editing and colour grading . 

Premium Resolution TIFF(16bit) 6774x4492 pixels approx 180Mb For Editing the file will have more latitude for editing and colour grading ,Even larger files to work with. 180mb , Best for critical work. 16bit per colour channel.

We don't RECOMAND a low-res/proof options, as honestly, your film deserves better, and our prices are good enough already.

Do you edit my images?
We try not to touch your images all that much, but we do want you to receive images you are happy with. We personally check every single image that goes through our service, removing any last bits of dust that might have been missed and making minor edits to colour and exposure if we feel it’s needed but if you would prefer us not to touch them at all, let us know!


How do I receive my scans and negatives?

We send your scans to you via WeTransfer to the email address you provided when placing your order.

At checkout you have the option choose to receive your processed negatives via post, OR collect them from the 21STUDIO PHOTOLAB

We will store your negatives for 4WEEKS, after this they will be disposed of. If for any reason you can not collect, get in touch and we will happily make alternative arrangements.

If you do not want your negatives  we will dispose  the negatives for you. You can request your negative back along with your order. Otherwise you can contact us if you forget to add this while placing order.

Do you develop E6/Slide film?

Sadly not, well not yet anyway! 

Can you develop ECN2 film?

Unfortunately we cannot currently process ECN2 films.

How do I send in my order?

Just put your items in a secured packet and send it to us as tracked post along with the order number you have received in order confirmation email.

You can simply write your order on a piece of paper and include it in your parcel. And send to


21 Whitechapel Road

London, E1 1DU .

What happens if I forget to include an order number?

Although we strongly recommend to include order number with each packets, we still can sort this out if you contact us immediately and tell us information as much as you can.

We cannot process or do nothing without an order number. However, if we are able to trace your items with your given information we definitely try to process that order at our earliest.

In such circumstance, 21STUDIO PHOTOLAB suggests you to contact us through our email or phone number immediately.

Do you do digital prints?

21STUDIO PHOTOLAB is FujiFilm premium Partner digital printing shop in Aldgate East. We have range of options for digital print.

Please browse our digital print section to find out what services you want.

Can you push my film?

Yes we can. We can push /pull your black and white film .

What are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround is usually within 3-7working days of receipt of your order, During busier periods and depending on your service.

How long does it take to get my negatives / print?

We aim to post back your negatives, prints,  as soon as possible. Mail usually arrives within two to three days of receiving your dispatch email, depending on the shipping option chosen at checkout.

If your order includes prints as well as film developing, this will be sent out with your negatives.

Do you offer free shipping?

We have free shipping for all orders over £50.

What equipment do you use for film develop?

C41 colour negative film is developed using a Noritsu V30 automatic film processor, this allows us to produce high quality negatives fast, up to 30 an hour if you were wondering why it was called a V30.

B&W negative film is developed using a Noritsu V30P automatic film processor, this allows us to produce high quality negatives fast.

We scan all our film using a Noritsu HS1800. This machine is a beast and allows us to output different resolutions depending on your needs, it can scan up to 1800 frames an hour. I think I see a Noritsu naming theme going on here. 


What if my film is blank?

We hope this never happens, but in the unfortunate case that it does, we happily refund the cost of your order minus the cost of developing. 

How long are my Physical / We Transfer files stored for?

Once your files are delivered via We Transfer , we keep your files stored online for 4weeks . After 4weeks these files are deleted, so make you sure you have downloaded  your files within 4weeks.

We store physical orders / negatives at the lab for 4weeks. These orders can be collected during our opening hours . After 4Weeks these physical items will be destroyed in a GDPR compliant manner.

Do you develop disposable cameras?

Absolutely! Just purchase the process and scan for the type of disposable camera you have; color or black and white.

Unless you have previous experience please don't attempt to remove the film from the camera yourself, there is a capacitor inside disposable cameras that can give you a pretty nasty electric shock. Just send over the whole camera and we will dismantle and remove the film for you.

 what do you do with your chemical waste?

Being aware of how we removed of our chemical lab waste was high on the plan when opening 21STUDIO PHOTO LAB.  Our chemical waste is collected in the lab by using a Metafix filtration system, which filters the chemicals meaning the waste is safe to be poured down a drain. The silver is also recovered via the system which then goes on to be used in silver jewellery / cutlery etc!



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