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 21STUDIO PHOTOLAB Fujifilm Photo Print Services Retailer are experts in Passport, VISA and ID photos of all types. Our staff are fully trained to ensure that your Passport or VISA photo meets all the required specifications which means you don’t have to worry about them being rejected. And because our stores are run by Fujifilm photo specialists you can trust that they will provide expert advise and that the quality of your photos will always be of the highest standard.

Our Price List

 Photo Type Price (£)
Adult  - Set of photos 11.99
Adult  - Digital file/code 11.99
Adult - Set of photos & digital 13.99
Children's - Set of photos 11.99
Children's  - Digital file/code 11.99
Children's - Set of photos & digital 13.99
Baby Set of Photos 16.99
Baby Digital Code/File 16.99
Baby Set of Photos & Digital File 18.99

Introducing a code for digital passport photos

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is introducing a way for you to retrieve a digital photo when you renew your passport online.

digital photo code

Currently, you can only upload a digital photo stored on your own device or provided by a photo shop on a memory stick, email or CD. With this new solution, your Fujifilm Photo Services retailer can provide you with a photo code with your printed passport photos. Then, when you apply online, you can use this code to retrieve your digital passport photo.
Just ask our member of staff to get your one.


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