Photo Restoration

You don't need to worry about your memorable old photographs. 21Studio PhotoLab's photo restoration service will bring it as clear as it is in your memory with FujiFilm professional equipment's. 

21Studio PhotoLab offers professional photo restoration services to bring your old memories back to life. Please bring your old photographs to 21Studio PhotoLab, Aldgate East , we will do our best.  

photo restoration service

21studio PhotoLab works on the digital version of your photographs, so that your original copy remain untouched. ​After professional touch we will deliver you the new copy of your photographs either in print or digital format. 

To get this service, just pop in to our Aldgate East shop with your photographs, our staff will be happy to restore old photographs. 

At 21Studio PhotoLab Aldgate East, our photo restoration services start from only £25.99. Please ask a member of our staff for detailed quote. 

Our photo restoration service includes:

Fold & scratch damage repair

Fading correction

Missing places recreated

Black & white to colourised 


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